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Machining and material removal
Postcode 42350
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Machining and material removal
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Technomark is a French company based in La Talaudière (42), near Lyon.

Since its creation in 2000, Technomark, always accompanied by its two founders, and surrounded by numerous partners in France and abroad, offers efficient solutions for industrial traceability through permanent marking. The products are the result of a partnership with rigorously selected suppliers, they are adaptable, simple, efficient and fit into your various production processes.


Technomark designs and manufactures electromagnetic micro-percussion marking equipment. Inventor of the 4-in-1 concept with its Multi4 permanent marking solution, Technomark masters this technology perfectly and offers solutions adapted to your uses, whether they are stationary, integrated or portable. Technomark also offers permanent industrial marking solutions thanks to laser technology. Available in stationary or integrated versions, our laser traceability solutions meet your requirements for efficiency, quality and compactness.

Our equipment, micro-percussion as well as laser, allows us to carry out industrial markings on all types of materials which accept a deformation and which have a hardness less than or equal to 63 Hrc (treated or untreated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics…). 


Our know-how is used in the most diverse industrial sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, defence, nuclear, medical, and steel...


Innovation is at the heart of Technomark. A dedicated team of engineers and technicians based in a business unit equipped with the latest generation of 3D CAD software, contributes to the development of new products every day. Indeed, 10% of the turnover and 20% of the French workforce are devoted to research and development. This approach allows us to anticipate our clients' needs by providing them with real added value.


If the name Technomark evokes durable and reliable solutions, Its because choosing Technomark is the assurance of quality services, anywhere in the world. Reliability is a prerequisite for all products. Our industrial marking company therefore makes a long-term commitment to all its customers and partners. Our relationship is based on 3 axes:

  • The council: expertise in your needs

  • Implementation: design of adapted equipment

  • Support: technical product training, effective customer support and efficient machine monitoring.


Choosing Technomark means choosing a quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Pre-sales, Technomark helps you to make the best investments for your machinery.  For this, micro-percussion and laser technologies are brought together on the same site in order to carry out tests to meet your marking needs. In order to see for yourself the result of the marking on your parts, Technomark offers you the possibility to make free marking samples. Once the various marking tests have been carried out, you will automatically receive a very detailed test report.  We also offer you the opportunity to come to us, or to come to you, for a free trial run with the desired marking machine. So, you can see the result on your parts and how the equipment works.

Technomark helps you build a marking solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs. Offering you the possibility to personalise our products is important to us because your constraints belong to you and are part of your daily life. Our multi-skilled design office is at your disposal to help you define your traceability needs. It offers you complete solutions including mechanical and software integration.

After sales, Technomark provides you with personalized assistance. Whatever your question, a specialised technician is at your disposal to give you the best answers. In addition, we offer a maintenance and repair service.  If necessary, we can lend you a machine free of charge for the duration of your support. Finally, in order to guarantee you a quick and efficient handling of your marking machine, Technomark offers you a complete training.


For several years, Technomark has regularly carried out satisfaction surveys in partnership with external firms and the returns testify to the quality of all the company's services. Indeed, 99.6% of customers are satisfied with their relationship with Technomark, according to a Prestance survey conducted in January 2020.

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