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The dot peen marking machine Buddy, available in a 120 size

The dot peen marking machine Buddy, available in a 120 size

60 or 120, make your choice!

The dot peen marking machine controlled by a smartphone called Buddy,
is now available in a 120 size. Available since the end of 2022 in a 60 size, a
larger marking window is now added to the range to meet the needs of the
increasing number of users.

A larger size for more
possibilities. 120*60 mm are the new dimensions of the marking window available
for Buddy. Already considered a musthave in its 60 version, the XL one is
likely to be a success!


What exactly is Buddy?

It’s the latest addition to
Technomark’s Connect.series range (electromagnetic dot peen marking machine)
designed to meets the need for 100% nomadic use.


The operator can move around
freely thanks to its always-ready smartphone, which acts as a control unit. If
necessary, he can still mark within a 10 meters radius between the head and the
smartphone. The user can now mark in both indoor and outdoor environment,
without any limits.


Submitted to license, the
smartphone application Connect.app developed by Technomark is compatible with
Android 10+ and is available on Google Play. Its intuitive user experience
allows to create, set and launch markings quickly and easily with the
smartphone. In terms of connectivity, the marking head communicates with the
smartphone with a secured Wi-Fi protocol and the application allows real time
marking data and maintenance feedbacks.


The embedded technology content in
the Connect.series marking head is still the same and makes it as performing as
ever. To note, a weight of 3,2 kg for this new model, only 400 g more than the
60 version. Whether in 60 or 120 version, Buddy really has everything to please
to users.


For more informations about our
machines or to meet our sales team, contact us : info@technomark-marking.com

Le 08 février 2024 par TECHNOMARK

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