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The CSG screw compressor Leading the way in efficiency and compressed air quality



The pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, food industry and even the medical sector are very demanding on the quality of compressed air. Kaeser CSG series oil-free screw compressors are ideal for meeting these requirements economically. These new models are very efficient and less bulky.

The CSG series delivers oil-free compressed air reliably and efficiently.

It ensures extremely efficient compressed air production with a footprint reduced by 19% compared to the previous series. Models are available with air or water cooling, with an integrated refrigeration or adsorption dryer and for flow rates from 4 to 15 m³/min up to 11 bar.

Variable speed SFC versions are offered for applications with fluctuating compressed air consumption.

Kaeser is recognized for its efficient Sigma profile screw blocks. These quality and long-lasting blocks now also equip the CSG series. The screws benefit from a coating that is very resistant to wear and temperatures. They therefore ensure lasting efficiency without degradation of performance. The innovative PEEK coating is perfectly suited to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is biocompatible, certified by the FDA and complies with European criteria for materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Technical details

The new CSG power plants are at the forefront in terms of energy efficiency in their category. To achieve this, Kaeser has rigorously focused the development of drive, cooling and compression systems on efficiency.

The series is therefore equipped with synchronous reluctance motors of efficiency class IE5 (Ultra Premium Efficiency) and the units, whether air or water cooled, have a very efficient envelope cooling system for both. compression stages. CSG fiber-free antipulsators act over a wide band and with a very low pressure drop. All these optimizations, and others, have made it possible to significantly improve the energy efficiency of the compressor, and therefore significantly reduce energy consumption. The CSG series delivers 16% more flow at the same nominal engine power and the maximum operating pressure could be increased from 10 to 11 bar.

Another area of development aimed to simplify the recovery of compressor calories to allow the customer to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Kaeser has therefore equipped its air- and water-cooled plants with an integrated i.HOC adsorption dryer. This dryer intelligently uses the heat of compression to regenerate desiccant with minimal energy expenditure while reliably delivering oil-free compressed air at stable dew points of -30°C.

On its water-cooled models, Kaeser uses innovative integrated solutions for heat recovery that can be easily adapted to customer needs.

The Sigma Control 2 integrated control ensures reliable and efficient compressor operation and allows connection to a compressed air management system. As standard, it monitors the temperature of the motor bearings and windings, and the vibrations of the compressor.

All Kaeser screw compressors are distinguished by exceptional durability. Their operation is extremely economical and they are produced in Germany according to extremely strict requirements and quality standards. Their very long lifespan ensures their operation over many decades. And when they finally need to be replaced, most of their components are recyclable. Kaeser is an asset for a compressed air supply that respects the environment and nature.

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For a century KAESER Compressors, a German family business, has been a key player in industrial and public works compressed air with the best solutions and services: efficient, innovative and sustainable. This results in delivering more air for less energy. Our added value is very strong in terms of environmental and financial impact with the lo...

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