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Quick Mold Change solutions for the plastics industry


Reducing series changeover times is at the heart of the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) method. Process automation, reliability and innovation are all criteria that make QMC Stäubli solutions part of this quality and productivity optimization approach, while considerably reducing downtime.


These solutions also offer the flexibility necessary for the multiplication of series changes, the reduction of costs and lead times as well as the reduction of stocks.


Loading and clamping of moulds, connection of energies and robotic systems... Stäubli's offer and expertise in plastics processing make it possible to offer targeted or global solutions.

Technical details


Connection of energy circuits

When production changes, all energy circuits must be disconnected or reconnected. These include fluid circuits for temperature control, hydraulic circuits for sequential injection and core pullers as well as electrical circuits. Centralized connections, whether manual or automated, offer considerable time savings for minimal investment while avoiding connection errors.

Clamping of molds

Stäubli offers three mold clamping technologies: mechanical, hydraulic or magnetic . They adapt as well to existing presses as to new ones. All our clamping systems are designed to integrate into your installations and processes, while ensuring the safety of equipment and people.

Transfer and loading of molds

Fixed or mobile, manual or automated, Stäubli transfer stations are designed according to your specifications. They are therefore precisely adapted to your installations and mold changing processes.

Mold Inspection


In order to guarantee the quality of the mold and to avoid any problems in production, each mold can be tested remotely from the station. Through data collection during testing and production, we are now able to perform predictive maintenance to eliminate potential issues.

  1. Tool changer for robots

Stäubli is a leader in the design and manufacture of tool changing systems for high-tech robots .

Flexible and multifunctional, they integrate perfectly into robotic industrial processes.


Air and fluids management, Processes
An industry partner for nearly 60 years, Stäubli innovates on a daily basis with its ranges of single or multi-couplings, tool changers for robots and rapid mold clamping systems. Stäubli is one of the world leaders in quick connection systems for all types of energy (fluids, electricity) for all sectors of industry, including the most demanding...