38 – The Chapel group buys itself a new fourth-generation hydraulic cylinder factory

Since September 2022, the Chapel group’s 4000 m² premises in Apprieu in Isère have housed a new, fully automated and certified zero-discharge production line dedicated to the manufacturing of “telescopic” cylinders for civil engineering. This new, state-of-the-art facility, which required an investment of 10 million Euros assisted by the government’s Recovery Plan, will enable Chapel to stay one step ahead in the telescopic cylinder market now marked by competition from low-cost countries. With this fully-automated production tool, the group estimates that it will be able to cover 70% of the European telescopic cylinder market and hopes to strengthen its position, open up to new markets across the Atlantic and above all increase its production capacity by 30 to 50% (going from 60,000 telescopic cylinders per year to more than 100,000).

Photo: GN-03-10-Chapel


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