Three quick wins to saving money

Stop throwing out short electrodes
Ultima-TIG allows you to precisely grind short electrodes (as short as 8mm for orbital welding). 

You can save up to 20% of your tungsten electrode

Stop useless regrinds
Precise settings prevent countless regrinds. And with every regrind, Ultima-TIG will only use 0.3mm of electrode, whereas the handgrinding process can waste up to 2mm per regrind.

You can save up to 15% of your tungsten electrode.


Stop cutting the tip after dip
You can insert your electrode in the electrode holder and grind it with Ultima-TIG right after a dip to avoid cutting part of the electrode. It can quickly be ground with the same precise settings you previously used.

You can save up to 15% of your tungsten electrode


Créé le 04/05/21 par INELCO GRINDERS