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Plastic spring-loaded side plungers


These components are used wherever workpieces and elements need to be clamped or positioned for subsequent processing. They are used, for example, in machine and plant construction, the packaging sector, the automotive industry and the aerospace industry. These practical and flexible clamping elements take up little space and make complex structures unnecessary.

With spring-loaded side plungers, the force is applied horizontally. They are primarily used in applications where dirt or chips are likely to accumulate on standard spring plungers. This is because in side spring plungers the plastic body is the spring – unlike standard spring plungers, which have an additional spring integrated into the body. As everything is “in one piece”, dirt cannot accumulate inside or in the gaps and affect proper functioning. For the same reason, the side spring plungers can also be used during painting or sandblasting work without their operation being impaired. The new spring-loaded side pushers withstand temperatures of up to +100°C.

The plastic spring side plungers are available in three different designs, with light, medium or heavy spring force – visually characterized by the colors blue , red and green . When it comes to pins, users have the choice between hardened and burnished steel, stainless steel and plastic (thermoplastic). The spring force must be chosen according to the requirements of the particular application. Forces between 10 N and 160 N can be achieved.

The side spring plungers are mounted by fitting them into the counterpiece. The bore must have a tolerance of H8. Special assembly tools , also available from norelem, make it easy to install the side spring plungers.

Technical details

Material: Body and spring in plastic. Support fingers in steel, stainless steel or POM. Finish: Support fingers (in steel) hardened and burnished. Support fingers (in stainless steel) natural.
White support fingers (in POM).
Note: Spring-loaded side plungers are used to position, tighten, hold and secure parts during applications likely to cause increased contamination.
For example: painting and sandblasting.

Calculation of the X dimension:
Y > = L1-D1/2, then X=D1/2-S
Y < L1-D1/2, then X =D1/2-S-((L1-D1/2-Y)*0.123)

Light spring force = blue spring
Standard spring force = red spring
Increased spring force = green spring Assembly: The body is pressed into the bore.
It is recommended to moisten the body before assembly.
Drawing indication:

1) Assembly tool
2) Some sizes have a divergent shank shape

Y = room height
W = length of the room
X = coordinate dimension
Z = diameter of the stop

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