73 - Opinel: to meet demand, the company is investing in new machines

With demand skyrocketing, the knife manufacturer Opinel is facing stock outages on certain products. This company based in Chambéry in Savoie therefore needs to recruit and invest in several machines to increase its production. Created in Maurienne in 1890, Opinel, whose head office and manufacturing plant are now based in Chambéry, is clearly thriving. According to Françoise Detroyat, Opinel’s marketing and communication director, "Opinel is a trusted brand, a well-known name associated with sturdy, French-made products which last a long time." To meet this very high demand, Opinel is investing in several machines to increase production, including machines for blade grinding, handle assembly and shaping, etc. This represents an investment of several hundred thousand Euros which will rise to several million Euros within a few years. In fifteen years, the company has gone from 80 to 160 employees, counting temporary workers and work-study students, and is continuing to recruit, particularly for assembly and grinding.

Photo: GN-03-10-Opinel



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