38 – Elydan: a new pipe production line

The French manufacturer Elydan, which has been designing efficient and sustainable solutions to save energy and protect the environment for more than 60 years, is expanding its offer of French-made pipes for drinking water and gas by investing in a new, ultra-modern production line.  After building and moving into a new plant in Saint-Etienne de Saint-Geoirs (Isère) in 2021, Elydan is boosting its production capacity while simultaneously optimizing its energy consumption. Its aim is to increase its capacity and guarantee the availability of more than 100 tube and pipe references for transport and distribution of drinking water. With this new extrusion line installed on the site in St-Etienne de St-Geoirs, the company has also invested in 300 new reels, enabling it to offer its customers long lengths (up to nearly 500 meters on a single reel), thus reducing installation times and the number of welds for quick and secure implementation.

Photo: GN-03-10-elydan


Created the 29/09/22 by Gl events