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To keep up with competitors and to continue to offer services and products in line with customers’ expectations, industries which operate in the material treatment field are obliged to improve the techniques and the machines they use. The use of more efficient equipment is thus now inevitable. A few definitions Material treatment is a set of processes serving to modify the structural or surface appearance of a product in order to improve its chemical, mechanical or physical properties. We generally distinguish two treatment techniques: surface treatment and heat treatment. With surface treatment, it is possible for example to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of a product. Heat treatment, on the other hand, serves to improve the mechanical properties of materials by altering their hardness, wear resistance or tensile strength or by providing better heat resistance. It should be noted that these techniques can be used on different materials: wood, glass, foodstuffs and metal. Categories of material treatment equipment  Firstly, our manufacturers offer various equipment such as water or oil curtain spray booths, brighteners, crushers, etc. The peripherals and accessories include glossmeters, colorimeters, demagnetizing devices, pickling baths, flowmeters, etc. Lastly, we have a know-how and manufacturing section in which you will find a list of companies offering you their material treatment services. Our referenced suppliers Our B-to-B marketplace entirely dedicated to the world of industry presents most of the industrial themes dealt with in the exhibitions. You can also visit our virtual showroom in which our partners have stands to exhibit their products and services. The showroom is accessible at all times and you will be able to see that we work with the best suppliers to satisfy the most demanding customers.