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  Factory equipment is an important factor which affects the well-being of employees and therefore their productivity. For equipment to be effective, it is often necessary to call upon experts in the field. A few definitions Factory equipment consists in fitting out a site’s facilities, equipment, machines, furniture, workstations and storage points. The aim is to enable the company to conduct its activities under optimum conditions. Although such operations are liable to be somewhat expensive, they constitute an excellent investment in the long term. There are several types of equipment: linear equipment, functional equipment, fixed equipment and cellular equipment. Categories of services & factory equipment Firstly, there is workshop and factory equipment which concerns the various machines such as industrial computers, monitors and graphic cards, data servers and printers. Secondly, for the equipment of buildings, there are products such as doors, floor coverings, insulation and industrial partitions. In addition, consulting firms offer their services to all those requiring technical advice concerning certification and standardization, auditing, industrialization, lean management and organization or productivity management. If you are looking for equipment for workshops and factories, you will also find a wide range of products offered by our manufacturers: switches, magnets, vibrating feeders, suspended tray conveyors, batteries, casings, etc. Lastly, there is an engineering section in which you will find various services such as prototyping, robot programming and calculation. Our referenced suppliers Do you need the services of an expert to carry out the equipment of your factories and industries? is the address you need. This is a B-to-B platform totally dedicated to the industrial world, including services and factory equipment.