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The quality of the working environment is a decisive factor in employees’ efficiency. It is therefore essential to adopt good individual and collective safety measures, particularly in an industrial setting. A few definitions  Industrial safety concerns the safety conditions for people and property on an industrial site. It involves working to control industrial risks using industrial risk analysis and management tools. The aim is therefore to minimise hazard risks for people and property while maintaining the industry’s profitability in the short term and in the long term. Industrial health is closely linked to prevention. The aim is to control environmental elements which can be detrimental to the social, physical and mental well-being of people and the integrity of property in the workplace. Industrial health also contributes to industrial site safety. The industrial environment characterizes the workplace in industry. In all of these environments, human safety requires personal protective equipment (PPE). This refers to systems or means (specific tools or equipment and professional clothing) used by employees to guarantee their safety and health. Categories of industrial protection and safety equipment (PPE) The products available from suppliers include fall protection products, equipment for protection against electricity such as lightning conductors and circulation equipment cables. For protection and safety of equipment, manufacturers offer chemical isolation tools, protective barriers, specific fire prevention and protection equipment for computer equipment, etc. Our referenced suppliers This marketplace is a good opportunity to find industrial safety subcontractors and to receive quote request.