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Plastics, rubber and composites

Plastic products are omnipresent in the various sectors of industry and also help to improve our everyday life (leisure, health care, sport, etc.). A few definitions To put it simply, plastics processing is the industry which manufactures plastic products. There are various processes used to process the material: injection molding, vacuum molding, blow molding, rotational molding, compression molding, extrusion, pultrusion, lamination and sheet metal work.  We also need to define rubber and composites. Firstly, rubber is a natural material obtained by processing of latex. There are also synthetic rubbers, in which the rubber is produced from monomers obtained from fossil hydrocarbons. Composites, for their part, are an assembly of at least two non-miscible materials. The assembly then possesses properties which the constituent elements alone do not have. Categories of plastics processing equipment Equipment which is used to process plastic and obtain high-quality finished products: fragmenting machines, injection molding machines, welding machines, finishing, printing and marking equipment, extrusion machines and crushers. Peripherals and accessories: peripheral equipment, mixers, pelletizers, robots and robotic applications for plastics processing. Subcontractors and companies which provide their know-how in the field of plastics processing: rubber processing, plastic machining, cutting, manufacture and assembly, ultrasonic welding, pressing, bending, foaming, etc. Our referenced suppliers is a B-to-B marketplace dedicated to the industrial world which receives thousands of visitors every day. Our community comprises manufacturers, suppliers, experts, consulting and engineering firms and private individuals. The manufacturers’ and subcontractors’ stands are accessible in our permanent showroom where they exhibit their plastics processing products and services.