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Industrial tooling consists of all the tools necessary for performing a service, creating a product or maintaining industrial equipment. It generally consists of light equipment which requires less investment. Categories of tooling products For certain professionals, such as car mechanics, plumbers or painters, industrial tools are essential for doing their jobs. The first category consists of portable tools and portable power tools. These are small tools which can easily be transported on a worksite: wireless equipment with a long battery life. They include drills, electric screwdrivers, grinders, sanders, jigsaws, pneumatic wrenches, cable reels, rivet guns and drainage pumps. Then there is tooling for machines, which consists of drilling spindles, buttons and bushings, clamping elements, straight hacksaw blades, conical milling cutters and reamers, drawing dies, cranks and many other items. Lastly, we should not forget to mention the hand tools necessary for small handiwork. This category includes torque wrenches, level indicators, manual tooling and all hand tools for working of metal by hand.