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Materials are at the centre of the production chain in processing industries. Whatever a factory’s area of activity, it always needs raw materials and supplies in order to operate. A few definitions Raw materials are materials produced by nature which are extracted and used by man to manufacture consumer goods. They include, for example, agricultural raw materials (wheat and oil), ores (gold and iron) and energy raw materials (petroleum and gas). Consumables and supplies, for their part, are materials consumed at the same time as the raw materials in the production process. Semi-finished products refers to products which have already undergone processing but which must undergo further processing before being ready for use. They can therefore be sold to other manufacturers or transferred to other subcontractors to undergo this additional processing. Categories of materials Firstly, our suppliers offer various sorts of raw materials to meet your needs. In our catalog, you will thus find wood, ceramics, molded plywood, composite materials, glass, technical textiles, upholstery and glued laminates. Secondly, in the sub-category of supplies and consumables, you will find various types of adhesives, glues, wires and electrodes, polymer threads and metal wires, etc. Lastly, the semi-finished products category includes all materials such as aluminum, bars, cables, copper, tin, metal sheets and strips, etc. Our referenced suppliers We receive thousands of visitors every day and have a large community consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, experts, consulting firms and private individuals. To meet our most demanding customers’ needs, we work with the best suppliers of raw materials and consumables.