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A few definitions Industrial logistics consists in managing transport and storage and improving the coordination of all the company’s services in order to reduce the various costs (procurement costs, production costs, storage costs, etc.). In the past, handling referred to all activities which consist in moving packages and goods by hand. Today, however, these activities are facilitated by the use of various handling machines. Industrial lifting is also another handling activity which consists in raising heavy loads with cranes, winches and even helicopters. Lastly, storage is another logistic solution which consists in stocking the goods supplied by industries. Categories of handling, logistics, storage and lifting equipment For industrial handling, manufacturers offer various handling and lifting equipment, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. This equipment includes, for example, electric wheelbarrows, tipping skips, single-track logistic trains and cargo tricycles. Various lifting and handling tools are also available: electrical lifting systems, hoist lifting systems and manual lifting equipment. In addition, there are also numerous continuous handling and conveying options: chain transfer, conveyor belts, non-drive roller conveyors and high-speed ejection modules. We also have industrial storage and shelving equipment. This category includes unequipped warehouses without storage racks, modular shelters, industrial tents, industrial storage, store shelves, shelves for warehouses, etc. Our referenced exhibitors Our manufacturers offer a wide range of devices and equipment. In addition, we work with the biggest suppliers in the field: Energie Levage, Triax, Norelem, SAMIE, LIFTOP, DENIOS, TDR Groupe, Cable Equipements, Goubard, MANUT-LM, SOFRAPACK and INTERROLL.