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Air and fluids management, Processes

Air is an essential element in creating a pleasant and safe working environment for industry employees. Air quality can also have an impact on the quality and efficiency of production. A few definitions An industrial fluid is any substance which can flow. The most widely used fluids in industries are compressed air, steam, chilled water and oil. A fluid management system comprises various control components used to measure and monitor the use and distribution of fluids. Good management allows costs to be reduced by limiting incorrect distribution of fluids, losses, thefts and technicians’ errors. Categories of fluid and air management equipment On our site you will find various equipment for fluid, air and process management. Firstly, for air treatment, manufacturers offer various products and services to meet your industrial ventilation needs: industrial vacuum cleaners and dust extractors, particle counters, air separators, air filtration systems, etc. Secondly, for water treatment, there are tank cleaning systems, treatment plants, filtration separators, high-pressure pumps, pumps for liquids, etc. Lastly, manufacturers provide you with multiple energy solutions such as boilers, wind turbines, water-saving equipment, photovoltaic solar equipment and fuel cells. Our referenced exhibitors In our permanent showroom, each exhibitor has a stand to showcase its services and products in the field of fluid, air and process management. Our B-to-B site is therefore the perfect place to meet manufacturers, suppliers and experts from consulting and engineering firms.