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Automated systems and mechatronics have revolutionized the industrial world. As well as making work easier for workers, they provide numerous other benefits such as optimization of technical performances, better energy efficiency and greater safety. A few definitions Industrial automated systems are machines and processes which can function without human intervention. Industrial mechatronics, for its part, consists in improving and optimizing the functionality of a product. This requires synergistic integration of information technology, electronics, automation and mechanical engineering during the product design and manufacturing process.  Categories of industrial automated systems Industrial automation and mechatronics facilitate work within industries and companies in various ways. Firstly, thanks to dynamic display solutions, for example, it becomes easier to disseminate information to all personnel. To do this, the solution simply has to be connected to the production tools or to the flow management tools. Secondly, manufacturers offer a wide range of electric motors which can be used to optimize the operation of various industrial machines. Referenced suppliers If you look around our website, you will easily find the product you need, whether it be an automated system or a mechatronic system.  Several sub-groups are presented on our platform, and we generally present the same themes as in the exhibitions: electronics and electrical engineering, motors and automotive mechatronics. Bearings, transmissions, gearboxes and the different software are also presented.  As regards suppliers, choose from the best ones which are referenced on our platform: Bibus France, Sick, Regnard Technologie, Sage and AK Industries.