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Industrial assembly consists in linking different elements to create a product. It is also necessary to hold the parts together by means of an industrial fastening system. Several methods of assembly and fastening exist. Depending on the material and the shape of the elements to be assembled, we may choose between gluing, brazing, welding, riveting and screwing.  Categories of assembly and fastening products Whatever the assembly technique used, industries offer different equipment to meet your needs. You will find, for example, screwing assembly machines, stapling assembly equipment and riveting assembly equipment. Automatic part dispensing machines, automated assembly equipment, applicators for adhesives and hot-melt products, conveyors, gluing machines and cartridge extruders are also available. In addition to equipment, there are the peripherals and accessories such as magnets, electric and pneumatic screwdrivers, electro-pneumatic cabinets, solar fasteners, very high-performance industrial fasteners, assembly manipulators and linear motors. Our exhibitors referenced Take a look around our B-to-B site dedicated to the industrial world, which lists suppliers, manufacturers and consulting and engineering firms. If you are looking for the right equipment for your assembly and fastening work, don’t hesitate to visit our virtual showroom. You will see that we deal with the same themes there as in the exhibitions. You will also be able to meet the best subcontractors in the field there, because our exhibitors include the best industrial assembly companies and industrial fastening companies.